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Hajj #3 NA
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Dar Al-Iman  Intercontinental Hotel                    
International Dar Al Iman (Madina)       Hilton Makka.                      

Adam #3    (Hilton / Dar Aliman) CLOSED (Not available)

Makkah First     C L O S E D

Only  $XXXX Per Person in Quad:

         $XXXX Per Person in Triple:

         $XXXX Per Person in Double:  

Round trip airfare: Canada/Saudi Arabia/Canada.    (Not Included)
Accommodation in Makkah at Hilton Hotel (5 Stars) adjacent to the Haram, 2 persons per room. Quad occupancy is available.  Breakfast and dinner open buffet served at the hotel. (2 – 8 ZH).
Accommodation at Mena in upgraded air-conditioned tents close to Jamarat.  Food and beverages will be served.
Accommodation at Arafat in specially upgraded tents. Food and beverages will be served.
Accommodation in Madina at Dar AlIman (5 Stars) within the boundary of the Haram, 2 persons per room. Quad occupancy is available. Breakfast and dinner open buffet. (13 – 17 ZH).
Return to Jeddah from Madina by air.
All transportation will be in private deluxe air-conditioned buses.
A Muslim scholar will accompany the group.
Visits to historic sites in Madina.
Tentative departure December 22 or 23, 2006.
Tentative departure from Saudi Arabia is January 6 or 7, 2007.
Travel dates may vary by one day according to selected flights.
Hajj package does not include:
Hajj checks paid to the Unified Agent Office and Visa processing ($350 expected cost).

Cost of traveling from gateways other than Montreal/Toronto.

Cost of zabiha/sacrifice (about $140)

Any additional charges related to stopover to other destinations other than Saudi Arabia.

AIR Fare Charges (expected to be around $2100 - $2300).

Tentative Itinerary (Last Year's example):



Islamic Date

Tentative Daily Itinerary


13 Jan

2 ZH

 Take flight from  CANADA OR USA to Cairo.


14 Jan

3 ZH

Arrive Cairo airport in the evening. Meet and assist is provided at the airport. You will be staying at the Movenpick Hotel for one night. Breakfast and dinner provided.


15 Jan

4 ZH

Take flight from Cairo to Madinah. Meet and assist at Madinah airport. Transportation by bus to the Dar AlIman Intercontinental (5-star) hotel.  The Intercontinental hotel is within the Haram boundary. Three persons in a room (two per room if purchased double occupancy). Daily breakfast and dinner open buffet.


16 Jan

5 ZH

Enjoy 5 prayers at the Haram.


17 Jan

6 ZH

Enjoy 5 prayers at the Haram. Visit historic sites.


18 Jan


Enjoy 5 prayers at the Haram. Prepare your luggage to travel late evening to Makkah. Perform your Ihram at the Hotel and travel by air to Jeddah. Meet and assist is provided at Jeddah airport. Travel by bus to Makkah.


19 Jan

8 ZH

At Makkah you will be staying atHilton Makkah (5-star), facing the Haram. Four persons per room (unless purchased double or triple occupancy). Daily breakfast and dinner (open buffet).Perform Umrah. In the evening you will travel by bus to Mena to start your Hajj. Overnight stay at upgraded air-conditioned Mena camp.


20 Jan

9 ZH

Travel by bus to Arafat, stay at upgraded camp.  A meal and refreshments will be served.  After Maghrab you will be transported to Muzdalifah where you will also be collecting the pebbles for Jamarat. Our bus will leave to Mena before Fajr.


21 Jan

10 ZH

Return to Mena, throw seven pebbles at Jamarat ALA’qabah.  Offer sacrifice and shave or shorten hair.  Return to Makkah Hilton for the day. Get out of ihram and perform Tawaf Alafadah. In the evening, you will be taken back to Mena for a short stay.


22 Jan

11 ZH

Throw seven pebbles at each of the three Jamarat.Accommodations at Hilton Makkah.


23 Jan

12 ZH

Throw seven pebbles at each of the three Jamarat.  Return to Hilton Makkah.


24 Jan

13 ZH

Perform tawaf AlWadah before departing from Makkah.  Late evening you will depart to Jeddah airport.


25 Jan

14 ZH

Depart to the US.

   Departure from CANADA ORUSA: January 13, 2005

   Departure from Jeddah: January 25, 2005.

   Please, follow airline schedule if different than itinerary, particularly if you are making stopovers at other



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